VPT-OS® System

Order your VPT-OS is a complete interpretationsystem munted in our custom over-the-shoulder case. May be customized.

  • Easy to use
  • 500 foot range
  • Upgrade up to 8 languages
  • Add up to 2,000 seamlessly

  • Ideal for:
    Community Groups | Schools | Churches | Businesses | Event Production |

    Prices start at $2,681.30
    Special Order

    VPT-OS® Features:

    The VPT-OS® system is a combination of the VPT-OS® system and Over-the-Shoulder Case to create an ll-in-one easy to use and deployable solution.

    The unique Universal Monitoring Unit which assures your interpreters can hear every word clearly and accurately and are able to do the best job interpreting. The VPT-OS® allows you the ability to have the same consistent performance and quality for every meeting.

    Prices start at $2,681.30 (VPT-OS®)

    Prices is based on actual configuration. Use "Purchase" link above to receive free no obligation quote based on your exact needs.

    Additional receivers are only $97.75
    Additional Wireless Microphones are available for only $471.21 each 
    Additional languages are available for only $923.90 each 
    May be upgraded to 2,000 receivers and headsets and up to eight (8) languages



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