IR4000® System
The IR4000® is the leading professional-grade system on the market today.

  • Dual Intepreter System
  • Full "Relay" built-in
  • Easily add over 500 receivers
  • Upgradeable up to 4 languages
Ideal for:
Businesses | Event Production
Prices start at $485.00
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IR4000 Features:

The IR4000® is a complete language interpretation system designed for optimum performance and security. This four-language system can have two interpreters working in tandem per language and is equipped with separate volume and tonal control for each interpreter along with the ability to connect two microphones for seamless segues between interpreters.


Professional Infrared Interpretation System

Starting at $485.00 per use day

Configuration Includes:

  • Dual Interpreter Unit
  • Two Headset Microphone
  • 10 Receiver/Headsets
  • Batteries included
  • Connection Cables
  • Ideal for 2 interpreters
  • Full "Relay" capabilities built-in
  • Upgrade to 1,000' range for $75/day
  • 1 language configuration
  • Up to 4 languages available
  • Added Emitter Panels to increase range
  • Added Languages $195 each
  • Added Receivers $10 each


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