Digi-wave® Interpretation System

Cutting-Edge Innovation. Up to 14 languages. Easy-to-use and completely mobile system. Simultaneous, two-way, digital communication technology. Slim, lightweight, and simple to set up and use.

  • 200 foot range
  • Upgrade up to 14 languages
  • Add up to 1,000 receivers seamlessly
  • Ideal for:
    Community Groups | Schools | Churches | Businesses | Event Production |

    Prices start at $280.00

    Digi-Wave® Interpretion

    Starting at
    $280.00 per use day

    Cutting-edge Hybrid system

    • Battery operated mobile system
    • Presenter Microhone
    • Interpreter Monitoring Unit
    • One Language Transmitter
    • Headset Microphone
    • 10 Receivers Included
    • Configure up to 14 languages
    • Add up to 500 receivers
    • Encrypted Transmission

    Digi-Wave Features:

    The Digi-Wave is a completely portable, wireless, single-speaker, interpretation system. Ideal when security, sound quality and flexibility are critical. Designed for small - to medium-size conferences, meetings or other events where one language is shared by two interpreters. System can serve up to 500 listeners. Additional Interpreter Consoles and DLT’s can be added to accommodate up to 14 languages. Additional DLR360's can be purchased separately to accommodate additional listeners. 

    Ideal for a shared language / one floor / multiple language scenarios:
    One DLT300 transceiver is set up as body-worn transmitter to provide a direct audio feed from speaker to interpreters. Interpreters use their transmiters to broadcast their simultaneous interpretation to audience members on separate channels for each required language. 



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